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Down In My Soul – New Life Inspirational Gospel Choir

“Down In My Soul” performed by the New Life Inspirational Gospel Choir of Atlanta during their Spring Concert on Thursday, April 24, 2008 in LLCII Auditorium…

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Lateigo Herbin says:

We sung this song during praise and worship yesterday. Loving it. Yall
rocked this…..

Iota Stanley says:

I love the energy of the performance!!! PTL

peaslovecats says:


Lori Seduisant says:

Why is this song so difficult to find?!! Its not on itunes, amazon,
youtube……….. no where! :( I heard it on sirius xm in my car and had
to pull over to praise! Need this song in my life! :)

Dennard BV says:

oh yall did this lol

SurrealMystery says:

omg so awesome. I love gospel singers!

gliggons1 says:

Go back and stay

Lori Seduisant says:


Domonique Brunson says:

Take us back now!

Tea Gunn says:

Whoo! Hope you have roof insurance you sure need it of you praise the
rafters off like that! I never knew you could fit all that glory onto one
stage! God Bless you all!

joshuaofjericho says:

Now thats church lol! Be blessed!!!!!!!!

Jadarien says:

The Ingram Gospel Singers sing this song!

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